CITIZEN:Citizen’s curation and production of the work of avant garde artists and designers has changed the landscape of design in North America. Under license, Citizen: Citizen produces and distributes its collection through the leading luxury and art retailers. It also works closely with private clients and dealers.

CITIZEN:Citizen’s unique view of the merging disciplines of design, art and fashion has brought it cultural recognition across the globe. Its work is part of the permanant collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and has appeared within museums across America and Europe, including the MoMA, Cooper Hewitt and the Guggenheim Museums.

Over its short history, its acclaim has garnered an unprecedented amount of media attention with regular features in the NY Times, LA Times, I.D. Magazine, Art and Auction, Paper Magazine, Modern Painters, Surface, Wallpaper and Vogue, as well as a myriad of on-line publications. Creative director, Philip Wood regularly speaks at leading Universities and presents the collection at events across the country.

Through its attention to craft, ideas and exquisite execution, CITIZEN:Citizen has defined itself by creating a new market. It has partnered with leading brands and institutions to produce radically engaging events from downtown loft parties to international museum exhibitions.

As a company, CITIZEN:Citizen continues to break ground in presenting work that explores how objects are valued, and are vessels for ideas and reflections of cultural preoccupations. By offering alternative ways of seeing through objects, it presents new ways to engage in culture.