2006 August Elle Decoration Hong Kong

This month, we managed to get a two-page spread of our products from ICFF in Elle Decoration Hong Kong. They featured Candle #1, Table #1, Rubber-dipped chandelier, Cable Vase, Dragon Vase,Unit #3 Monochrome and our Bulletproof Rose. Since Chinese is a hard language to interpret, and I have been studying it for many years, I’ll interpret the best part of the article for all of you.

“Young Philip Wood, 24, is the creative director and owner of Citizen:citizen in San Francisco. His chiseled bone structure and five o’clock shadow charm the ladies and his baby soft skin and manicured eyebrows have brought Citizen into over 30 retailers nationwide but this Brit is all about business, as demonstrated by his pensive look.”

The article later goes on to talk about his washboard abs and bulging biceps but I won’t bore you with the details.

p.s. Somewhere they fit in some talk of the products.

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