24 Days for ReadyMade

Holiday gift project for ReadyMade magazine, personal, poetic and highly planned.

24 Days
Holiday guide project
December issue

Take a sheet of card, 24” by 24”, nice and thick and inscribe your message of holiday greetings upon it. This can be a message of love, thanks or greetings, an image or text collage, print, calligraphy, then, cut it into 24 pieces to make 24 postcards, on the back address it to the one you love with a 41cent stamp and a number to indicate the sequence. Then each day on the run up to Christmas (holidays for those in the states) mail one in your nearby mailbox. Your loved one will receive their own personal count down to Christmas with a very special message that they can reassemble. Then on the Christmas day, you give them a frame which coincidently holds all 24 cards together, alternatively you can give the present on the 1st of December.

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