Untitled launch

CITIZEN:Citizen launches its very first book, blank, each unique one of a kind

Product Launch
Chronicle Books San Francisco CA,
May 2nd 2008

CITIZEN:Citizen’s first book Untitled designed by Joe Gebbia was a very proud moment for us, we couldn’t have found a better venue to celebrate the launch than Chronicle Books, who were gracious enough to allow us the whole fourth floor of their downtown San Francisco headquarters. The launch party was attended by over 200 of the bay areas leading creatives. 7×7 magazine helped us with the event, but the real thanks must surely go to Alan Rapp and his colleagues at Chronicle who were so patient and gracious. The launch garnered aclaim from local and national press including opportunites to replicate the launch on the east coast.

“Untitled” designed by Joe Gebbia is an insight and intervention into the publishing industry. Taking the blank galley proof and presenting it as a single unique object. This piece offers a way of looking, at objects, at recycling at the value of error and how artistic intervention brings insight and new value to the world we live in. Gebbia says “the books are uniquely one-of-a-kind, blank canvases to fill with their own values, creativity, and commentary on what constitutes art and design”.

Each book is unique 1/1, devoid of all text and print, it is a pre-production draft from the publishing industry. By generating only a single book, it subverts mass production practice and becomes a craft object. These simple and beautiful series of books, with their title and authorship lost, act like an unopened present, leaving the door to your imagination ajar. By celebrating the vessel—the book as object—Untitled explores new ways of seeing our world and the objects in it, reminding us of the power and beauty of the object and its ability to represent ideas.

Founded in 1967, Chronicle Books has developed a reputation as one of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the United States. Known for its ability to challenge conventional publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, Chronicle has built an international reputation for award-winning, distinctive publishing that is instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value.

Chronicle published Nick Bantock’s groundbreaking 1991 book Griffin & Sabine, a production intensive illustrated novel that explored the medium of the book as art form by combining a pop-up book with conceptual narrative. More recently, Chronicle has produced distinctive publishing with a number of the most innovative designers and studios around, including IDEO, Steven Heller and Louise Flli, Modern Dog, Push Pin Studios, Steven Skov Holt and Mara Holt Skov, Pentagram, Rex Ray, and Hatch Show Print. Chronicle continues to collaborate with artists, designers, and manufacturers to create sophisticated and critically acclaimed books unlike any other trade publisher.

The packaged book

Blind letterpressed book insert

Product launch

Launch event at Chronicle books

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