CITIZEN:Citizen requests your company for the launch of STOREROOM, its first pop-up department store. To celebrate the opening of this temporary space CITIZEN:Citizen would like to treat you and a guest to preview the store, gain first access to the curated products and partake in some libations.

On Friday 5th December 2008

2226 Bush St
San Francisco

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visit STOREROOM website

24 Days for ReadyMade

Holiday gift project for ReadyMade magazine, personal, poetic and highly planned.

24 Days
Holiday guide project
December issue

Take a sheet of card, 24” by 24”, nice and thick and inscribe your message of holiday greetings upon it. This can be a message of love, thanks or greetings, an image or text collage, print, calligraphy, then, cut it into 24 pieces to make 24 postcards, on the back address it to the one you love with a 41cent stamp and a number to indicate the sequence. Then each day on the run up to Christmas (holidays for those in the states) mail one in your nearby mailbox. Your loved one will receive their own personal count down to Christmas with a very special message that they can reassemble. Then on the Christmas day, you give them a frame which coincidently holds all 24 cards together, alternatively you can give the present on the 1st of December.

If you like ours then please feel free to Download PDF

Mini Market

Travelling boutique/exhibition pop up store, re-curated for each stop, creative direction by CITIZEN:Citizen

Silverman Gallery
804 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA.
August 1st – 30th 2008

One of the growing elements of CITIZEN:Citizen is that of curatorial and creative direction. We develop culturally significant ideas, projects and events for organizations ranging from global fashion houses to galleries and museums. It’s a natural extension of our interest in offering new ways of seeing.

When we were asked by Jessica Silverman of the eponymously named gallery to help develop the Mini Market concept, it seemed an ideal partnership, as much of what we do as a brand is provide context for the work we produce. We saw Mini Market as part of our ongoing exploration of retail, consumerism, art and products.

For the month of August 2008 MINI MARKET a boutique and exhibition, premiered in San Francisco at the Silverman Gallery. Art and creative direction were executed by ourselves including store interior concept, design and layout, graphic design and art direction. We also developed the logotype and created “shopping for art and the art of shopping are brought under one roof”. Also fifteen items from the CITIZEN:Citizen collection were curated for the pop up store.

Mini Market is conceived as a traveling pop up store re-curated for each stop, creating both a literal and metaphorical space to challenge the contemporary retail monopoly and shopping monotony. Beyond the current economic challenges, retailers are struggling to understand what their future’s hold. There is, however, a small and diverse group of retail propositions currently emerging, such as the New High (M)art, The Echo Park Time Travel Mart and Royal T. In line with these is The Silverman Gallery’s MiniMarket. Jessica Silverman, director of the gallery, called upon CITIZEN:Citizen to bring its conceptual structure along with its creative and art direction to the project.

For its first incarnation, Mini Market brought together local and international designers, collectors, retailers and artists who are invited to sell and display their work. MINI MARKET will offer vintage collections as well as new lines, limited editions and specialty services, therefore, it was possible that items became sold out during this time. This gives MINI MARKET the opportunity to rearrange, restock or leave empty certain areas as a testament to its presence, popularity and disappearance. MINI MARKET is a concept shop, an exhibition and ongoing project, ready to travel to your gallery or boutique. Scale, product and design are subject to change.

Collaborators for the San Francisco iteration: Selima et Benjamin, Los Angeles, Luke Butler, San Francisco, Alexandra Cassaniti, Los Angeles, Susan Cianciolo, New York, CITIZEN:Citizen, San Francisco, Eliza Douglas aka We Are Married, New York City, Alexander Krolll, Los Angeles, Jessica Miller, San Francisco, Nasty Gal Vintage, San Francisco, Saddlelite Denim, Los Angeles, Starstyling, Berlin, Steven Leiber’s Basement, San Francisco, Chris Rubino, New York, Keiko Takano, San Francisco, Tanya Wischerath, San Francisco, Miller Updegraff, Los Angeles and more!

Silverman Gallery
Since its inception, the aim of Silverman Gallery has been to represent emerging San Francisco and International artists, collaborating closely with them in long-term relationships that facilitate an understanding and awareness of their work in a global context. For an artist’s first exhibition, a “hybrid show” is often produced. The artist and Silverman Gallery collectively choose and exhibit a selection of work by heroes/heroines influential to the artists practice. By doing so, a framework of references is constructed that form a network between generations and enhance the viewer’s experience.


Market traders stall

Opening night

246 and Counting

Exhibition Recent Acquisitions San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Curated by Henry Urbach Helen Hilton Raiser Curator of Architecture and Design

San Francisco CA,
July 10th – January 4th

Four objects from CITIZEN:Citizen are on show during this exhibition, they were presented to the SFMOMA’s accessions committee last year and were selected for the permanent collection. The objects chosen were the concrete doorstop cast from an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase which is unceremoniously smashed to release the form, entitled Doorstop designed by Tobias Wong. CITIZEN:Citizen produced 10 as a limited edition. Cokespoon #1 a solid bronze cast of the ubiquitous Bic pen cap which is then copper and gold plated designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid. Cokespoon #2 a solid bronze cast of the 1980’s McDonalds coffee stirer which is then copper and then gold plated designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid. The rich history of this piece can be read about here. The fourth and last piece being Swizzlestick also designed by Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid which comes from a solid bronze casting of a Playboy drinks stirrer which is coper and then gold plated.

After only three years in business we’re very proud to be included within the permanant collection of one of the worlds most respected museums. We’re gratefull to be working with such creative and thoughtful people as Tobias Wong, proud to be part of the collection, and grateful for a new approach to the objects in our lives, we’re at a time where we looking more closely to the things in our lives and how we value them, Henry Urbach and the SFMOMA are leading the way. 246 and Counting a two-year timeline of pivotal objects in design that have not only shaped the world we live in, but also the lens through which we experience it is curated by Henry Urbach, formally the owner of the NY based eponymous architecture gallery has for the last two years being developing a new curatorial viewpoint for the SFMOMA’s architecture and design department.

Philip Wood at SFMOMA image courtesy Gregory Goode

Philip Wood at SFMOMA image courtesy Gregory Goode

Ken Miller, Henry Urbach and Philip Wood at SFMOMA
image courtesy Gregory Goode

Four CITIZEN:Citizen products on display at SFMOMA,
image courtesy Gregory Goode

Untitled launch

CITIZEN:Citizen launches its very first book, blank, each unique one of a kind

Product Launch
Chronicle Books San Francisco CA,
May 2nd 2008

CITIZEN:Citizen’s first book Untitled designed by Joe Gebbia was a very proud moment for us, we couldn’t have found a better venue to celebrate the launch than Chronicle Books, who were gracious enough to allow us the whole fourth floor of their downtown San Francisco headquarters. The launch party was attended by over 200 of the bay areas leading creatives. 7×7 magazine helped us with the event, but the real thanks must surely go to Alan Rapp and his colleagues at Chronicle who were so patient and gracious. The launch garnered aclaim from local and national press including opportunites to replicate the launch on the east coast.

“Untitled” designed by Joe Gebbia is an insight and intervention into the publishing industry. Taking the blank galley proof and presenting it as a single unique object. This piece offers a way of looking, at objects, at recycling at the value of error and how artistic intervention brings insight and new value to the world we live in. Gebbia says “the books are uniquely one-of-a-kind, blank canvases to fill with their own values, creativity, and commentary on what constitutes art and design”.

Each book is unique 1/1, devoid of all text and print, it is a pre-production draft from the publishing industry. By generating only a single book, it subverts mass production practice and becomes a craft object. These simple and beautiful series of books, with their title and authorship lost, act like an unopened present, leaving the door to your imagination ajar. By celebrating the vessel—the book as object—Untitled explores new ways of seeing our world and the objects in it, reminding us of the power and beauty of the object and its ability to represent ideas.

Founded in 1967, Chronicle Books has developed a reputation as one of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the United States. Known for its ability to challenge conventional publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, Chronicle has built an international reputation for award-winning, distinctive publishing that is instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value.

Chronicle published Nick Bantock’s groundbreaking 1991 book Griffin & Sabine, a production intensive illustrated novel that explored the medium of the book as art form by combining a pop-up book with conceptual narrative. More recently, Chronicle has produced distinctive publishing with a number of the most innovative designers and studios around, including IDEO, Steven Heller and Louise Flli, Modern Dog, Push Pin Studios, Steven Skov Holt and Mara Holt Skov, Pentagram, Rex Ray, and Hatch Show Print. Chronicle continues to collaborate with artists, designers, and manufacturers to create sophisticated and critically acclaimed books unlike any other trade publisher.

The packaged book

Blind letterpressed book insert

Product launch

Launch event at Chronicle books

Local Global

CITIZEN:Citizen contribution to the local and global design worlds was celebrated Inauguration of Chronicle Books series Local:GlobalLocal Global

CITIZEN:Citizen solo exhibhition
Chronicle Books San Francisco
May 2nd to May 10th

CITIZEN:Citizen was chosen for the launch of Chronicle Books series of events and exhibitions highlighting progressive design with a focus on local innovators and designers working on a global scale. This solo exhibition of our work took over the main lobby of Chronicle Books downtown San Francisco headquarters, the week long exhibition was an opportunity for the local design community and the city’s numerous creative designers to come and spend time with the full collection of CITIZEN:Citizen’s work.
It was a great location and a great success all round, we met many of the towns leading creative talents and had opportunity to start some relationships which are now forming into creative projects. More and more we’re helping other brands communicate their ideas through products and events, this show was a perfect example of both.

“We are fortunate to work in an area with an exceptionally high number of design studios and creative labs that are both sophisticated and commercially successful,” says Art and Design Editor Alan Rapp. “LOCAL:GLOBAL events and exhibitions will highlight Bay Area creative individuals and companies that are influencing the design market internationally.”

Some of the products

Philip Wood Local:Global

Open evening for Local:Global

Virtually Mine

A virtual archive of the things we value and why we value them. An inversion of gallery norms.

Virtually Mine
Peel Gallery Houston TX,
January 26th – February 16th

This was and still is one of my favourite shows to date, we were very kindly asked by Peel Gallery in Houston to do something special for them during Houston design week, as we knew all the art galleries in town would be getting on the design as art bandwagon and dumping $200,000 items on white pedestals we thought we’d do something quite different. So, instead of didactically placing objects in the gallery and telling people how important they are, we chose to clear everything from the gallery and ask you, yes, YOU to bring your own items in and make the show, you’re the curator now.

There are several concurrent cultural trends that stimulated Virtually Mine. Firstly, as our world becomes more virtual, the objects in our lives attain new meanings and values. This is combined with our current and ongoing reassessment of consumer culture and how we measure the various environmental, economic and political implications that our consumption has on our world. In opposition to current trends of glamorising design as elitist and expensive work, we will be celebrating the everyday and the personal. Guests to the show were invited to bring their own objects or designs into the gallery (we suggested something they could carry) where each item was recorded, digitally archived, then tagged with an unique ID and become part of the living online archive. The exhibition was conceived of by CITIZEN:Citizen as part of our on-going exploration of art and design in conjunction with Houston’s leading contemporary design gallery Peel. This first show coincided with the arrival of the Cooper Hewitt’s Triennial show at the CAM in January 2008.

CITIZEN:Citizen has been building an online archive called Virtually Mine, which in the future we hope will attempt to be the largest collection of objects and their meanings for the world to share. Virtually Mine launched at Peel Gallery in Houston when CITIZEN:Citizen decided to invert established art gallery norms and rather than curate a show themselves, they invited guests to become the curators in the exhibition titled Virtually Mine. In opposition to current trends of glamorising design as elitist and expensive work, Virtually Mine celebrates the everyday and the personal asking one to rethink their possessions and explore how they value the objects in their life.

Ultimately within these days of mass global consumerism, Virtually Mine offers a chance to observe ours and others relationships to the objects in our lives. The project was conceived by Philip Wood creative director of CITIZEN:Citizen as part of an on-going exploration of art and design. Visit Virtually Mine and reconsider the meaning of the objects in your life.

Please fill in the form

Then we’ll photograph your possession

Certificate of authentication

Hard at work updating the data

Some of the objects included in the archive

You can visit the site here Virtually Mine

dwell House

Environment is all at the 2008 dwell house in Palo Alto

Green selector
Dwell House, Palo Alto CA,
March 27th – 30th

The 2008 Dwell House is an annually produced and sponsored construction of sustainable housing, this years property housed several items from CITIZEN:Citizen, as part of Dwells search for the leading exponents of design we were proud to be involved and lend our work and brand to the week long event. A big thanks to Sally Kuchar the interior designer for including our work in the mix, The Dwell NextHouse: Silicon Valley.

NextHouse exterior by Empyrean

Table #1 in situ

Brand Pharmacy

A Retail Intervention

Brand Pharmacy
Los Angeles CA,
December 4th – December 9th

Generic shop display units deployed

Store interior with hospital curtain

The waiting room

Invitations came as Rx containers with
hospital wristbands

Everyone could get their prescription filled

Is there a doctor in the house


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