Create Reject

Whilst in London for 100% design I managed to meet with James West who is the creative brains behind various projects that you’ll be familiar with such as Hello! You There! which the image above is from, he says of the project “You can use this site to send anonymous, constructive advice to anyone about anything you like. Your advice will be sent by post. It can be trivial or devastatingly important but the key is for it to be constructive.The hope is that, over time, this project will have triggered lots of small, seemingly insignificant changes that collectively might make a slight contribution to a better society.”

He was also behind the recent FIFTY DESIGNERSCURRENT FAVOURITE TYPEFACES (UNICEF) and some other equally beautiful projects all of which are viewable at Create Reject I hope we have the chance to collaborate in the future, this hopefully could start with an inclusion in issue#2 his self published magazine.