I’m not jealous by character, I’m happy for others in the main but the moment I by accident stepped into the NY showrooms of BDDW, in Crosby Street some years ago my joy sooned turned to jealousy. I spent almost 13 years as a furniture and cabinet maker based in rural England, even building my business to fifteen staff and developing a 10,000 sq ft 1750’s former Malthouse into workshops and gallery store, but never did I get to acheive the level of understated perfection that BDDW has. Like all things slightly transendental it’s difficult to understand quite what makes them so, greater than the sum of their parts. The work of BDDW answers one of my most fervent complaints towards craft, that it rarely amalgamates design. I’ve seen far too many high end craft pieces where the maker may have spent 300 hours on the construction yet only maybe 2 hours on design, BDDW’s work takes a more balanced and ultimately much more successful approach.